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it doesn t provide a distinction it provides an escape path your complaints make you a suspected nice guy are you interested in the possibility that you are doing something wrong, global elites caught plotting the islamic invasion of europe - our global elites are generally very good at hiding their plans for the unwashed masses those of us who are not blessed with immense wealth and power, because i like you please pull your head out of the sand - because i like you please pull your head out of the sand an update on what s going on holosync meditation technology brain wave training for relaxation prosperity love health success, white house adviser van jones resigns amid controversy - i can always tell when a person is a left wing liberal writing on this site because it s always ha ha ha lmfao he he he ha ha ha rolling on the floor laughing ha ha ha he he he, obama s unconstitutional czar power grab must be stopped - obama s unconstitutional czar power grab must be stopped obamanation articles obama s unconstitutional czar power grab must be stopped, job search canada find your next job working com - working com canada s most comprehensive job search engine find your dream job today, the medical racket ahealedplanet net - the medical racket by wade frazier revised june 2014 disclaimer timeline to 1491 timeline from 1492 introduction masculine feminine and modern medicine, laudato si 24 may 2015 francis - encyclical letter laudato si of the holy father francis on care for our common home 24 may 2015, historian did hitler have reason to hate the jews - 448 comments admin july 5 2009 12 30 pm dear real zionist news family all readers from brother nathanael i wish to be perfectly frank with you all first of all these articles including this one for sure requires hours upon hours of research texting formating photo hunting picture foto shopping etc, hannah arendt and the banality of evil open source with - after doing some pre interviews talking about things internally and mining this thread for good ideas empathy the origins vs the nature of evil subjective vs objective vs moral judgments of evil we re leaning towards breaking this show up into at least two different shows, kinnernet europe imagination festival - 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